Format Kitap
Barkod 9786258314793
Yayın Tarihi 2024-06-14
Yayın Dili İngilizce
Orjinal Adı Master and Man
Baskı Sayısı 1.Baskı
Sayfa Sayısı 74
Kapak Karton
Kağıt Kitap Kağıdı
Boyut 130 X 195

Emeği Geçenler :
Yazar   : Lev Nikolayeviç Tolstoy
Çevirmen   : Louise Maude
Çevirmen   : Aylmer Maude

In the frigid depths of winter, where the forces of nature conspire against man’s survival, a gripping tale unfolds in Leo Tolstoy’s Master and Man. Set against the vast Russian landscape, this poignant novella takes you on a treacherous journey of self-discovery and redemption. On a fateful day, the wealthy landowner Vasili Andreevich sets out on a perilous quest with his loyal servant, Nikita. As they venture into the unforgiving wilderness, their journey takes an unexpected turn when a blizzard engulfs them, leaving them disoriented and teetering on the brink of disaster. Amidst the biting cold and swirling snow, Master and Man delves deep into the intricate dynamics of power and privilege and the intricate interplay between master and servant. A gripping and evocative narrative, this book reminds us that true riches are not measured in material possessions but in the compassion, humility, and connections we forge in the face of adversity

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